10 November 2015


The drive from Venice to Vienna was absolutely beautiful. However, upon the realisation that our GPS was not going to work, I became the sole navigator on our European road trip. This, I admit, presented its own difficulties. And an awful lot of stress on my part. But at least we had the most spectacular view for hours before our disastrous arrival into Vienna!

We spent our one day in Vienna exploring the city via the Hop On Hop Off bus tours, which all three of us enjoyed. We successfully managed to at least see a good chunk of the city.

Travel tip: I don't normally go to the expense of such tours when I travel (nor do I give a blanket recommendation for them), especially in European cities with excellent public transport. However, when you want to see as much as possible and you only have one day, these bus tours can be the perfect means of exploration.

There's really only one expression to make in response to your mother going a bit mad with selfies.
State Opera House

historic Wien Rathaus 
It is always a magical moment when I stumble upon public gardens. #reasonstoloveEurope

Klosterneuburg Monastery
Wien overlook

Sadly I wasn't able to visit the many Viennese palaces, or more specifically, their gardens. That and not being able to go to a concert while in the historic music capital of the world. But all the more reason for me to go back some day!

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