23 August 2013

I hate it when a book series doesn't feel completely resolved at the end, leaving room for one more book, and leaving you wanting to read it... and yet the author does not share in the need for another book. Of course I can neatly wrap up the story in my own imagination, but if I wanted to do that then I would be an author and not a reader. Aye well, it isn't the first time, and I'm sure it won't be the last time that I've felt this way... wanting... haha.

21 August 2013

Family History... I'm doing it!

I was out of Primary before that song became a part of the repertoire, but I had a companion who would always sing it. Of course, that's the only line I remember... but at least it's the most important one!

While I was working on some family history research a couple weeks ago, I felt impressed to google the town where this particular family was from (Wirksworth, Derbyshire, England) and learn more about the area. When I did so, a website came up that mentioned parish records, so I clicked on it. And lo and BEHOLD! Parish records manna from heaven!

I learned that the Wirksworth Parish records were so complete that a particular project had been undertaken to make them ALL available online, organized in various ways, from the 17th-20th centuries. It was the Genealogy Jackpot! With help from these records, I've been able to add about 3-4 complete generations on multiple family lines, adding more than 150 names to my family tree, and finding more than 100 names for the Temple!

I was so engrossed, enthralled, elated, exhilarated that I almost pulled an all-nighter that first night I found this website. My eyes started to blur as I'd been staring at the screen for HOURS, so I looked at the clock to determine if I should go to bed... it read 4:30AM. Yep. I should DEFINITELY go to bed! haha So I reluctantly finished up the name I was working on and called it quits. But I've now been back to the website several times to continue the work and it's incredible how much information I'm still finding! Of course there are still some temporary dead-ends with missing information, as there will always be. But I have found SO MANY ancestors in such a short amount of time! And with relatively little effort. I can't even describe the high I get from finding my ancestors. I wrote once before that I'd been swallowed whole by the Spirit of Elijah, and that same feeling has returned. What is even more exciting is that Wirksworth is only about 60 miles from where I'll be living for the next year... plenty close for me to visit and do some more in-depth research! What great fortune!!!


So I am on about round 3 of packing... I knew it wouldn't be easy to cut everything down to 50 lbs, but  let's just say I'm glad I started early. I got to the point where I decided I'd give in and take a second suitcase. Then I looked up the checked baggage allotments for my flight. Well, my ticket says AirFrance, operated by Delta. And they both have different allowances for international flights. And different allowances in between the US and Europe and within Europe. So depending on which rules they decide to enforce for my ticket I could be paying up to $100 for a second bag. I know everything I take is supposed to keep me for a year+, so $100 shouldn't seem out of the question. But I'm cheap. And more importantly, poor. So alas, I'm back to just 50lbs. However I have grudgingly added a carry-on suitcase, which I really had hoped to avoid... but it seems to be the best compromise of all my options... a little more weight and free.

Other than that I'm checking more things off my list everyday. I've gotten rid of two boxes of clothes, removed all the plants from the yard that died in the freeze, deep cleaned about half the house, took family photos, gave in and finally bought a new computer that doesn't crash every 20 min, and have found about 100+ more names for the temple... which I'll probably post about later. I've also been reading like a fiend, going to the library at least twice a week to refresh my supply. And I still have a long to-do list for my internship with WVN. But being so busy has been a great blessing! I don't even have time to think or worry about the reality of what moving to a foreign country will actually be like, let alone going back to school. Good thing, too, or I might psyche myself out! God continues in His goodness and mercies, and I'm grateful He's in all the details of my life!

03 August 2013

It's real!

My passport arrived today with my UK Entry Clearance Visa... so I just bought my ticket. It's real! I'm REALLY going to the UK!!

And I may or may not be flying on September 11... 

01 August 2013


Since that miraculous day, many other tender mercies have continued to appear in my life. Since I've mostly been wearing all of my mother's clothes since I got home from my mission, I knew I would have to acquire a few articles of my own in order to leave her closet behind. I've found truly incredible deals. I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say my sister now refuses to shop without me, because my "luck" has been so outrageous. haha

And just this morning I received an email saying that my UK Student Visa has been issued. This was the last puzzle piece to fall into place to make it all irrevocably official. I can now buy my plane ticket and start the rigorous process of packing, which will inevitably involve at least 2 re-packs.