05 July 2010

Ketchup. Catsup. Catch up.

However you say it or spell it, I've completely neglected my blog for way too long. And now I'm like my mom's last Costco polish dog... surrounded by way too much catch up. Not that it really matters to anyone but me, seeing as how this is the way I journal about my life. So for the maybe two people who actually read this blog and don't know what I've been doing with my life, I'll just bullet point it for you.

1. I graduated from BYU. Cum Laude. Sweet!
2. Left Provo and moved back to Indy after applying for 200+ jobs.
3. Sent another brother, Skylar, on a mission in May, to Manchester, England. Awesome!
4. Had an internship with a brand new nonprofit in Carmel--the Indiana Collaboration for Families with Infertility. It's a cause very close to my heart, my co-workers are incredible people, and I have learned a ton! Visit www.myicfi.org for more information!
5. My brother Logan is getting married to Liz Torwudzo on July 17th! Excited to get to know her better and welcome her to the family! Though being completely honest, it seems SO WEIRD to me that Logan is old enough to be able to get married! haha
6. I accepted a job with the Forest Service and I've just moved to Cleveland, Mississippi this week. Luckily I had a friend here, Tricia Saylor, who I served in the RS presidency with for a year. She is here with Teach for America teaching high school Spanish in the black school (East Side High School)... so I'm living with her in a tiny yet adorable Mother-in-law house. I start my new job tomorrow, and I have NO idea what to expect. And just in case you're wondering, No. This job has NOTHING to do with archaeology OR anthropology OR anything remotely related to ANYTHING I want to do with my life. But out of those 200+ jobs I applied for, it was the ONE AND ONLY job offer I received. And though it definitely is not my dream job, it's a job. And I feel lucky that I even got that in this economy. So I've jumped completely out of my comfort zone into a big scary ocean of unknowns and endless possibilities with only the life vest of faith in Jesus Christ and trusting that God's plan for me is way more magnificent than I could ever come up with for myself.

That pretty much catches you up on the important things. Right now we are dealing with a septic tank problem. AKA it's coming up through our toilet and shower, making both completely off limits. Good thing I don't ever need to pee. Or wash. OH WAIT. haha

Oh the life in the Mississippi Delta. :)

I'll try to be better though. Really.