13 November 2015


When the cripple is the most able-bodied in the group, she ends up carrying everyone's bags.
At least I didn't have to use my crutch by the time we got to Scotland.
Bob devoured a giant pot of mussels. Two nights in a row.
But I think the real reason they went back to eat at that place was because of the disco ball. #boogeyBob

I tried to take a picture of the door. Mom and Bob decided to photobomb it.

I am a direct descendant of Robert the Bruce, if our family history research is to be believed.  So our trip to Scotland had an element of genealogical pilgrimage to it.
Hello, Bruce. #heskindofabigdeal

As my second visit in as many months, I felt quite comfortable exploring Edinburgh. Though I was disappointed we didn't actually get to do much in the city, we had a really lovely stay. We were in Leith, right on the water overlooking the firth of Forth. It was beautiful! And my mom didn't kill us while trying to drive on the left side of the road, so we all considered it a smashing success. 

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