10 November 2015


Final stop in Italy: Venezia!
Having our Last Hurrah in Venice before Chloe and Sarah returned to the UK.
Sadly, Chloe only got a few hours here because she had classes starting the next morning. 
But the show must go on. #perksofgraduating

Nothing like a Venetian sunset

This was the moment I decided that the 'Great and Spacious Building'
Lehi saw in his vision was actually a cruise ship. #youknowimright

I forced Bob to dance with his wife in Venice. 

The lampposts in Venice used to be made out of pink/purple Venetian glass--one of my favourite details from my first trip there. I'm not sure why the change, but I was really disappointed. However, the moon and sky successfully contrived to provide a more natural kind of mood lighting while we were there. #thankyoukindly
We stayed on the island of Murano, and I'm so glad we did. While it meant a bit of a jaunt over to the main island, it was much quieter, cleaner and less populated than staying in Venice or on the mainland. Plus, this view. 

I know I'm slightly ridiculous at how much joy I get from something as simple as a view like this, but it was literally love at first sight. And no matter how many times I saw it, I fell in love with this random end of a building more and more each passing. And I pretty much took a picture every time. #simplepleasures #itsprobablytheflowerboxes

Sarah, mom and I spent an afternoon exploring the island of Burano, primarily an old fishing village that has now become flooded with tourists. But look at it! An island of canals, coloured houses and shops--not to mention a leaning church tower (tilted at the same degree as the tower of Pisa, no less) ... what's not to love? (Except all the other tourists, of course.)


 Island of Venice

One last sunset for good measure
Sunset selfie, with hair that refused to cooperate even a little.
Of course Sarah's hair was practically angelic in spite of the wind. #always

Meanwhile, my mane was a bit more unruly, no matter how many pictures we took. #standard 
Venice ended up being the perfect place to conclude our group travels. I'm so grateful that Chloe and Sarah made the effort to join us on this portion of the trip. As I've said before, they are the younger sisters I never had. I am a better woman because they are in my life, and living with them was a large part of why Birmingham came to feel like home to me. I will forever cherish the hundreds of incredible memories the three of us have made over the last two years, but no doubt our week in Italy will prove to be some of our favourites as the years go by.

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