15 November 2015

Paisley and Hamilton

Before leaving Scotland, I made sure we visited some more recent family history sites, and I'm so glad I did. Although I would've loved to visit all of the smaller villages my ancestors called home, we only had time for a couple stops. I chose Paisley and Hamilton, because the old churches were still standing, and therefore there was something specific for us to visit.

Paisley Abbey


Tiffany stained glass windows and elaborately carved pews. What's not to love?

It turns out that Princess Marjorie Bruce and her son Robert III are both buried here, though I hadn't realised my family connection to this place went back quite so far. I love a good family history surprise!



I had never heard of this movement/rebellion, but learning of it and the prominence it had in the region where so many of my ancestors lived reminded me to be grateful for the religious freedom I now enjoy because hundreds of years ago there were people courageous enough to stand up for what they believed in. #faithofourfathers
A memorial to 4 local covenanters who were beheaded, and whose heads were buried here while the English scattered their body parts throughout the region to discourage others from participating in the rebellion.

I fall even more in love with Scotland with every visit, and I look forward to many more to come!

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