09 November 2015


I spent most of my birthday herding mom and Bob from Rome to Florence, but we pretended to celebrate anyway. However, I did successfully negotiate a birthday re-do the next day that was much more up to standard. 
Happy 28 to me! 
The Churches
Il Duomo
Hard for this place to not be at the centre of any visit to Firenze.


Basilica of Santa Maria Novella (with a fa├žade in the same style as il duomo)

Florentine synagogue

The Food
The real reason that anyone with any sense goes to Italy.
And the real reason why I will never allow myself to live there.
A Chocolatefall Wall. Need I say more?

The Sights
Mom insisted on a selfie with David.  #awkward
Not sure why but sights like this make it so easy to love Italy.

My hair was basically in a constant state of unrest the entire trip. 
Pinocchio is a Florentine. Naturally, we found Gipetto's workshop. 

Ponte Vecchio

So many scarves, so little room in my backpack.
Graffiti David in the Mercato Centrale food court
Inside the Palazzo Vecchio

View from Piazzale Michelangelo overlooking Florence

Tuscany at sunset. #simplepleasures
 Hopefully at some point I'll get all of our group pics from Chloe so that it looks like the 5 of us actually did travel together. Kind of.

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