12 November 2015


My mom served in the little town of Bamberg for nearly 6 months, and it was by her favourite of all the places she served. Hearing all the stories from her time there for so many years, I had pretty high expectations. Honestly, no amount of her daydreaming could have ever done it justice. Before arriving, I already loved it for her sake; but now, it is one of my favourite places I've ever been. It is charming in every way, and I could've happily spent our entire trip in this one place alone.

I will say that it made a brilliant first impression, as we arrived on the day of its annual one-day-only International Antique Fair. And you know how antiques make me weak in the knees. ;)


The most famous doorknob in Bavaria, and one that 
I've heard about for more than 20 years. #iwantone


Mom lived on this street when she served here
Bamberg is called 'Little Venice' because of its many lovely canals
36 years ago my grandmother painted this very scene from a postcard that my mother had sent home. The painting was a Christmas gift for my mother upon her return from her mission. I have studied that painting so often, it felt as if I'd been in this place a thousand times. Perhaps this was one of the reasons why I fell so much in love with this place. It was as if I'd literally stepped into my favourite painting. 


Bamberg Rathaus

For the size of the town, there are several churches and cathedrals.
We ran out of time to visit this one, but we enjoyed the view of it every night.

The meetinghouse had moved in the 36 years since she was last here, but it was thrilling to find that the tiny branch had at least become a proper ward in that time. Sadly we weren't able to attend Sunday services there, as we were visiting during General Conference. But watching conference all together in our flat was its own special memory for the three of us.

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