12 September 2015

British Wedding Season

One of the things I learned about last summer was that there is a pretty specific Wedding Season in the UK. To be fair, I don't know if it is just among British Mormons or all Brits, but most people get married between the end of July and end of August... although it really seems like they all manage to cram them into the same 3 weekends. 

Last year I wasn't close enough friends with anyone getting married to actually be invited to a wedding. So I just stayed home in bed with my leg in the air while all my friends darted in every direction across the country to attend various weddings. It looked exhausting. (Though to be fair when you live on crutches, most things look exhausting. haha)

But this year, I had the privilege of being invited to the wedding of one dear couple who's been in the Birmingham YSA with me the last couple years. Obviously I went. And I observed A LOT of differences between British and American LDS weddings. If I had time I'd go into those differences, but since I'm probably the only one that cares, I'll just share some pics and move on.

Mr. and Mrs. Heath. Love these two!
They are a brilliant couple--so good together and good to everyone around them. Just as it should be.

Typical Poole House antics.

Everything is funnier when you are tired.
I was exhausted.

These girls really are like my younger sisters that I never had. I love them!