13 September 2015

Leg Drama. Again.

Nearly a week after my unfortunate bike riding attempt in Copenhagen I could barely stand let alone walk. So I went to see the dr who confirmed I had a grade 2 tear in my calf muscle (apparently these things come in grades haha). Based on the amount of bruising (literally my entire leg), he thinks it was at least 75%+ torn.

This past week we discovered I also have shin splints, though it is hard to know if that's from the initial muscle tear or from overdoing it since.

Either way I'm looking at about a 12 week recovery period.

So I'm back on crutches. A month in to the healing and I'm now walking well enough that I don't need the crutch to walk per se, but rather to support myself if I know I'll be up and around for a long time. But hopefully by the time I get back to the states in about 6 weeks I won't need the crutch at all. Fingers crossed.

Until then just pray that I don't do anything else to it on my European Extravaganza.

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