12 September 2015


I went on an epic 3-day trip to Edinburgh at the beginning of August with Spencer and our friend Mark. It was literally a dream come true in so many ways! I honestly can't even begin to describe the play by play, but I've included more than enough photo evidence to prove I was actually FINALLY THERE!

And so they begin. With a groupie.
The best photobomb I've ever experienced.
Hello Edinburgh!
View from the overlook outside of the Castle Gates

 St. Giles Cathedral

Calton Hill
Views from Calton Hill

Day Trip to the Highlands
Edinburgh was a lot of fun, but the overwhelming highlight for me was our epic day trip to the Highlands. I've dreamed about visiting the Highlands for years--studying the history and culture, reading books about it and novels set there... In short, I'm a total Highlands Fan Girl. So this trip was my long-awaited pilgrimage, and it was everything I hoped it'd be and more.
In some village between Edinburgh and Inverness whose name has now escaped me.
But I want to live there. 

First view. Love at first sight.
Clearly exhausted but literally LOVING LIFE.
Our fantastic tour guide. Seriously one of the best I've ever had.
Loch Ness
I don't know if she looks like this, but obviously Nessie exists.
Mark doesn't believe. 
Searching for Nessie!

I'm actually on Loch Ness.
Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness
I think this is the point where I forgot to breathe from sheer joy.

Some places between Loch Ness and Glen Coe
Highland Coo
I was so happy and tired I could hardly keep my eyes open!

Wish I could remember the name of these castle ruins, but it was somewhere near Ben Nevis.

The Jacobite Express railway, aka Hogwarts Express

Glen Coe valley

This view.

Sheep! The cherry on top of a picture perfect view. 
Loch Lubnaig

If you couldn't tell, my pilgrimage to the Highlands was a smashing success. Considering it was a whirlwind whistle-stop day tour, I got to see, hear and experience enough to satisfy my soul's yearning... for now.  One day I will go back and spend a nice long visit to just the highlands, but for now my soul rests easier knowing I've been and seen with my own eyes.

Back to Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle obviously featured in A LOT of my photos. 

Thistle is Scotland's national flower.

Royal Botanical Gardens
You all know by now that I am proper obsessed with flowers and gardens. So naturally when I learned that the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh were free, I made sure we paid a visit before heading home. If you don't care about beautiful or lovely creations, then just skip these photos and stay a heathen. 
This sweet old woman was just laying on a bench in the gardens reading her book. Bless her.
I want to be just like her when I grow up. #lifegoals

Nothing like a little California Sequoia tree in Scotland.
I've never seen this kind of lily. I love it!
Heather--one of my faves.
Another new kind of lily for me. I want these, too.

We finished our trip with a brief visit to the harbour, but we ran out of time to explore much. Hopefully when I go back next month I'll get a chance to see a bit more!

HMS Belfast--the Royal Family's decommissioned yacht
As suspected, I'm even more enamored with Scotland after this trip. Luckily I get to go back for a couple more days with my mom and Bob in a few weeks, but I'm sure that'll only further convince me that my love for this place is well-founded and well-deserved.

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