13 September 2015

Malmö, Sweden

Our 3rd day in Denmark we decided to visit Malmö, Sweden--about a 35 minute train ride on the famous Øresund Bridge. When we arrived we were stoked to discover that there was a festival going on! (Seriously nearly everywhere we've been has had a festival, carnival, parade or something ridiculous going on during our visit. You'd think we'd stopped being surprised by now.)

Most people say there isn't too much to see or do in Malmö, but we had no difficulty occupying ourselves for the day. Though in typical Spenana fashion (Yes I just called it that. Our travel style now has a name. Get over it.), we stopped for a break in the park to give my leg a rest and ended up napping in the sun for a couple hours. It was glorious.

The grassy patch where we took our nap
For the rest of the afternoon we wandered around the town centre and the festival... mostly deciding on which of the delicious smelling food stalls we were going to buy food from. In the end, Spen chose a shish kebab stall, and due to some confusion in the ordering process, he was given enough food for me as well. #winning The best part of that whole experience was when a gust of wind picked up a loose piece of foil with some food on it that landed smack on Spen's face. It was an epic shot and  we got some really good belly laughs out of that one!

Now I can't even remember what church this is a pic of.
But it must've been cool if I actually took the time to photograph it by that point in the day. haha
They had a little carnival, either as part of or in competition with the city festival. So when Spen saw that they had almost the same ride as we'd ridden in Brum a few days before, he decided he had to ride it. I, however, wisely chose not to put myself through that one again. So I played photographer instead.
For me the main highlight is one I don't have a picture of--but only because it was too amazing to take time to document! Anyone who knows me by now knows that I normally only speak this passionately about a couple things--flowers and ice cream.

This time, the winner of my highest esteem was ice cream. But not just any ice cream.

No, this was hands down in the top 3 best soft serve ice cream cones I've ever had in my life, if not #1. I'm a Blackburn, so I've had A LOT of ice cream cones in my time. But this Swedish sensation was that good. I will forever think of that ice cream cone when I think of Sweden. And for this reason alone, Sweden will forever hold a special place in my heart. Though hopefully one day I can do a more proper visit of the country!

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