14 September 2015

Jeralee's Visit

Last week one of my roommates from BYU came out to visit me--just in the knick of time! We had a blast exhausting ourselves playing tourists and pilgrims.

Here's a link to my instagram account where I kept pretty good record of the main highlights:

  • As You Like It at Shakespeare's Globe theater
  • BBC Proms in the Royal Albert Hall
  • the Victoria and Albert museum
  • Evensong services at Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral
  • 221B Baker St.
  • Cadbury World
  • Dover Castle
  • Evensong services at Canterbury Cathedral
  • Canterbury Castle ruins
And here are a few more
Dover Castle
Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Castle Ruins

It was so fun to spend a few days with such a good friend! And it made me feel more than ever that this is home.

After I took Jeralee to the train station, I headed to Camden Market that my friend Spencer had recommended. I had such a fun time exploring this quirky little art hub/tourist trap. It was pretty empty on a random Tuesday morning, which made it even more enjoyable.

Afterward, I walked to Regent's Park. I really fell in love with this place. I just sat in the gardens for hours, occasionally walking around to find new spots to sit in.

I was feeling more than a little emotional, trying to come to terms with the idea that I have to leave this place I love so much. But this was the time I decided to give myself to feel emotional. For a few hours, I just embraced all my feelings instead of trying to ignore, deny, or run from them. I leaned into the discomfort and tried to work through them in the only ways I know how... crying, praying, writing and sitting quietly in a beautiful place feeling as if time has stood still just for me. And by the time I left, I was feeling ok. Still emotional, but more peaceful and hopeful than I had felt before walking into those gardens.

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