12 September 2015

Balloons and Tunes Festival

The day FSY finished I managed to do laundry, take a nap, pack and then set off again. It was slightly ridiculous, but I survived. haha

That night Spen and I went to a Hot Air Balloon Festival in Birmingham--not quite riding in one, but edging ever closer to fulfilling that life dream of mine (Seriously, it's number 1 on my Bucket List. It's a big deal!). The Balloon part of the Festival was actually incredibly disappointing (standard Brum), but the carnival that was there ended up being really fun!

There were only 5 balloons for the entire Hot Air Balloon festival.
All tethered.
I don't think Brum gets the point of a hot air balloon festival...

We rode a couple of the rides, and the first one made me feel so ill that I barely survived the second one. Tragic. I thought I still had a few years before aging took such drastic effect, but my body definitely can't handle those rides like it used to. Such a shame! 

The first ride was a spinning, swinging contraption that was a lot more intense than I thought it'd be.

Seriously looking as rough as I felt after that first ride.
But we survived!
We thought the Swings would be a nice mild ride to help our bodies settle down after the ridiculous Twister one we went on... Rookie mistake. You don't combat dizziness and nausea with more spinning, even if less violently. haha
Having fun but mostly trying not to throw up by focusing on taking a selfie mid-Swings.
But we did have an amazing view of the carnival from up there!
After that we called it a night because we had to catch an early flight to Denmark the next morning. And because my body literally couldn't even handle being there with the noise, lights, smoke, food, etc. after going on those rides. It's so weird how something like intense spinning can make you feel so ill for hours after. Why do we do that to ourselves? haha But it was fun while it lasted and I'm so glad we went!!

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