12 September 2015

For the Strength of Youth (FSY)

I had the privilege of being a counsellor for a session of FSY (the British equivalent of EFY, i.e. a Mormon youth camp) in August. It was an incredible, exhausting and truly rewarding experience.

So many experiences. So many emotions. So little sleep. I absolutely loved it. And I'm really ok that this was my one and only opportunity to ever do it. haha

I had a fantastic co-counsellor, Martin, who was absolutely ace. He supported me every step of the way, and he took on a lot of extra work when I was off running around trying to help individual youth with various issues.

We had a wonderful group of youth to look after for the week, and our company name was 'My Work and My Glory' taken from Moses 1:39. I was so busy throughout the week that I was really rubbish at taking pictures, but I finally got my camera out on the last night for the formal dance. Below is a group shot, with nearly everyone.

 Honestly, I hope I can grow up to be as strong and faithful as these youth. Our group struggled through a few things during the week, and through it all they worked together to lift and strengthen each other. Their kindness, love, service, faith, courage, hope, strength, talent, humility (and the list goes on and on!) touched me so much. By the end of the week they really came together having learned to love everyone through service. I'm so proud of them. I'm honoured to know them. And it was an absolute privilege to serve them. So much love for each and every one!

And a special shout out to this guy who didn't make it into the group shot.
Disregard the fact that the flash made me look like a porcelain doll. haha #whitegirlproblems
Thanks to technology we've managed to all stay in pretty good contact with each other, continuing to offer love, support, prayers and encouragement when needed. What a wonderful blessing to know I can continue to look up to these youth for years to come, no matter where I live!

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