13 September 2015


By our last day in Denmark, I really wasn't walking too well. Luckily I managed to get wheelchair assistance added to my ticket just in time. That combined with a really helpful travel buddy, an ice pack and a lot of drugs, I managed to actually do alright.

I've never flown with wheelchair assistance before (obviously--I mean, I'm only 27, no matter how old I feel somedays)... but I must say--it has its perks. Like be taken right out to the plane. And riding in the cart through the airport. And being driven around to the right side of the airport instead of having to walk that extra mile. All of it ended up being a huge tender mercy.

View of Øresund Bridge from the air
We'd failed to eat a proper Danish, so Spen grabbed one for us in the airport and we ate it as we flew over Copenhagen on our way to Ireland.
Hello Ireland!
This is in front of every seat on Ryanair planes. Captioning the ridiculous pictures entertained us for most of our flight.
The Spike
Rainbow Clouds!
River Liffey

We had enough time to eat dinner at a café in the city centre before heading back to the airport to catch our flight back to Birmingham. It seems silly that after living a 40 min flight away from a place for 2 years that I've still only spent a couple hours there, but at least now I've been. Hopefully one day I can make a proper visit to Ireland and have time (and money) to explore its gorgeous countryside. 

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