30 August 2015


The day after our tour of Dorset and Devon, we took a little road trip to Cornwall. Once again we were blessed with some gorgeous weather! Our first stop was the necessary rite of passage--a lunch of Philps Cornish Pasties. The rumours are true. It really ISN'T a true Cornish pasty if you get it outside of Cornwall. Let's just say my life is better for having eaten that steak pasty. I cannot overstate its deliciousness.

Thus fed, we began our whirlwind tour of Cornwall. Picture evidence is below. And also on my Instagram. You're welcome. ;)

Marezion and St. Michael's Mount

Penzance, Newlyn and Mousehole

We ate the most incredible Cornish ice cream with real Cornish clotted cream on top as we walked along this fishing port. It was one of the top 5 best ice creams I've ever had in my life. I'm a Blackburn, so I've had A LOT of ice cream in my life.
Land's End

St. Ives

In case you couldn't tell, I sort of liked Cornwall.

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