22 August 2015

Matlock, Take 2

Last year I visited Matlock on a Family History trip and I absolutely fell in love. Naturally I've been dying to go back ever since, but the whole broken leg thing kinda got in the way of that... until now. I felt like my leg was finally doing well enough that I could brave the steep inclines and still have an enjoyable day.

And I've been promising to take my friend Spencer there for his birthday. It was in April, so it's been a long time coming! haha

I was curious to see if I would still feel the same way about this place as I did on my first visit. And for better or worse, my love has grown tenfold! It is even more spectacular in the summer.

We were able to go on the cable car (Heights of Abraham) to the top of the peak and get a spectacular view of the area my ancestors called home. It was another perfect day.

Spencer is a little afraid of heights. Whoops. #mybad #trooper

One of the old lead mining caves that we toured.
Victoria Tower

Since it was my dad's birthday, we marked the occasion with some delicious burgers from a local pub. True joy! And I may have treated myself to an antique opal ring in honour of my graduation.

But after all that we still had plenty of time left, so we paid a visit to the Matlock parish church, St. Giles, where many of my ancestors are buried.

I know it's weird. I just love cemeteries.

Coordinating colours of doors and flowers. Probably my favourite street I've ever seen.
Seriously. I need to live here.
Needless to say, I'm still in love with Matlock. 
And luckily my rouse worked, because Spen loved it, too.

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