22 August 2015


Finally got to visit Bath (back in July)! It was a perfect day. Gorgeous weather, delicious food, delightful company.

Actually, I've been having a lot of perfect days lately. Feeling truly blessed and just trying to soak in every last morsel of time I have left in this adopted home of mine.

But since all you want is to see pictures of Bath, I will happily oblige.

Bath Cathedral--just as stunning as you'd expect
Told ya.
Roman Baths
The Circus--a group of 4 crescent-shaped buildings surrounding a square plaza. 
The Royal Crescent
One of our favourite things to do when we travel is to find a nice grassy patch where we can just lay down and soak in the soul of a place for awhile. I know that sounds cheesy, but we love it. And my gimpy leg appreciates it, too. So we thoroughly enjoyed this lawn--weather, people watching, naps and selfies included.

Does this scene look familiar? Les Mis movie anyone?
The view from the iconic Pulteney Bridge.
Somehow everywhere we go, there is always some sort of carnival or festival going on. 
Lucky star. #bonda

Pulteney Bridge
haaaa. Spen's hair was so platinum it kept disappearing into the sky in all our pics. 
Still cracks me up.

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