14 July 2014

Surgery Round 2

Friday marked 3 months of this whole broken leg ordeal. Luckily for me, that meant it was also time for another hallmark: the second surgery. So through a series of several tender mercies and answers to prayers that came before I even prayed them, things worked out for me to have the final operation in this recovery process. It was a simple surgery removing the 2 screws that went went through my entire ankle. It took about 30-40 minutes. However I was at the hospital from 8am-6:30pm, so it was a long day. 

I was originally just going to go by myself, but my housemate Chloe offered to come keep me company since she'd come back to Birmingham for the weekend. Leah picked us up and dropped us off at the hospital on her way to school to drop off her children. I was really grateful to not be alone since I ended up having to wait nearly 4 hours before it was my turn for surgery. She kept me company afterwards, too, until about 5:30. So I was only alone for an hour while I waited for Sister Mace to come pick me up.

I hadn't actually properly met Sister Mace until she picked me up from the hospital, but her son is one of my best friends here, and a few weeks ago she generously invited me to stay with them in Lichfield while I'm recovering. Since I was going to be home alone again for this recovery (but without the Woolseys to help me out), I gratefully accepted. I didn't even realize that had been something I was worried about until I got her message and broke down in tears at how perfectly Heavenly Father shows His love to me, often through other people. I'm overwhelmed and humbled by the love and kindness they have shown me without even knowing me. Definitely an example for me to take to heart and aspire to in my own life.

So the light at the end of the tunnel is a bit more visible now, and I'm working on putting more weight on my leg. Still wearing the boot, as my foot is too swollen for my shoe. But I'll get there. Soon!

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