14 July 2014

Derbyshire Dales

On Saturday, Brother and Sister Mace drove me up to Derbyshire to get me out of the house. If you think back to February, you might remember a family history trip I took up to the Peak District in Derbyshire. We were a bit southwest of there, in the Derbyshire Dales. But still, close enough for me to still consider it family history country. 

And just in case a beautiful drive through the countryside wasn't incredible enough, we had a lovely picnic at Wetton Mill, and then walked around the charming village of Hartington. We also drove through the village of Tissington and the town of Ashbourne, but I was pretty shattered so we didn't get out and walk around either of those.

Two outings and a surgery in three days... exhausted, but loving life!

Another gorgeous day, another gorgeous view. Living the dream! 

Our picnic spot at Wetton Mill

Can you see the cave at the bottom of that cliff?
I didn't take my camera with me to walk around Hartington, but I wish I had. There was a beautiful church and cemetery that we walked around with the most amazing view of the town below it. So here are a few pics I found of the town online.

This was the bench where we rested by the duckless duck pond in the middle of the village square.

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