14 July 2014

Croome Park, Worcestershire

My friend Leah invited me to visit Croome Park with her and her children the day before my surgery last week. It was my first real outing in about 6 weeks, and it was a gorgeous day, so I was loving life. A couple other sisters from church and their children met us there. We had a picnic, but mostly walked around the grounds. I had my wheelchair, but there were several parts that were quite difficult to access in a wheelchair that was not built as an all-terrain vehicle, so I still ended up doing quite a bit of crutching. It was such a lovely day to be outside, and I'm so grateful to Leah, Shantal, and Diana for letting me tag along!

Croome Park is a National Trust site, with a historic home and gardens. We didn't go inside, but I managed to get some lovely photos of the outside. My life hasn't been very photogenic the last few months, so here's a peace offering for all the heavy posts I've written lately.

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