27 July 2014

Chatsworth House

Yesterday we went on another family outing to Derbyshire to enjoy the sunshine. This time we went to Chatsworth House. Everyone else went swimming in the river, but since I still can't get my ankle wet, I read a book and wrote in my journal.

Before heading home, we drove by the actual house so I could see it... Some of you might recognize it.

Not really sure what this building used to be.
I didn't get to explore it, but the outside was still fun to look at. :)

Everyone 'helping' Ben retrieve the football that was thrown into the creek below

We obviously had a picnic, as you do.
Becky and Bev chillin on the dam
Harriet and Ben deciding how far to go in

The house is the current home to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. The outside was recently restored to it's present pristine condition, complete with gilded window frames.

Becky taking pictures of me taking pictures facing away from the house...
...But look at the view! Also worth seeing. (in my humble opinion)

Now do you remember why you recognize the house? It was used as Pemberley in the Keira Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice. Even if you're not a fan of period dramas, you've probably seen that movie. And even if you hated it, you have to admit the house is gorgeous, and so is the landscape!

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