03 November 2013

The Song of the Righteous

There really are no words to adequately portray the sheer magnitude of my feelings during and after our first Lamb of God rehearsal yesterday. Singing my testimony of the Savior with all the intensity of my heart and voice, surrounded by a glorious choir and a full orchestra... It's such a different experience from just having the volume on a stereo up all the way. It's like the music became a part of my soul, piercing me to the core and filling up my very being with truth, joy, and love--aka The Spirit of God (Galatians 5:22-23). Except it is more than just being full of the Spirit, because I've experienced that on many other occasions. How to describe it?!

Have you ever thought of what it would be like to step into your favorite painting and LIVE it? To be a part of it and experience it in an entirely new and tangible way, more magnificent than just merely seeing it and admiring it?

Well it was like that, but with the musical score rather than a painting... I stepped into the music and LIVED it... was a part of it and experienced it more intensely than just hearing it or being moved by it.

If that doesn't make sense at all, then I suppose I just have to stick with my first clichéd admission that verbal language is entirely inadequate to describe the transcendental experience that the Lamb of God is proving to be for me.

On a slightly different note, I had the distinct thought yesterday that if this is what it feels like to be an angel singing praises to God all day long, then that gig no longer seems quite so tedious a future as it used to. ;)

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  1. I love you and this is awesome! I am happy you were able to have such a beautiful experience. Miss you.