22 November 2013

Newsflash: Gnomes.

In trying to decide what to do for Christmas I've been looking up some family history sites. On one of the village's websites, this is the top news story:

Kirk Ireton - Now with added Gnomes! 
It has recently been brought to our attention that the village is being invaded by gnomes!
While a recent Gnome Patrol has reported an upsetting scene of a gnome massacre on the entry to the village from Hob Lane, the other colonies living on Bottom Lons, Moor Lane and Wirksworth Road all appear to be thriving.
If anybody has any further information, or more if any more are spotted please let us know!
This silly little newsflash makes me think that this village is probably just as quirky and charming now as it was when my ancestors lived there 350 years ago. Even if I don't end up going there for Christmas, I'll definitely be going there!

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