12 November 2013

Every week in my Social Analysis class a group of students gives a presentation on the particular topic of that session, and afterward the class can ask questions/give feedback, etc. which the students then use to write their individual assignments reflecting on how they did. 

Well today in class, I had a question for them so I raised my hand. After class, one of the girls came over and told me that she was terrified when she saw my hand go up because I always ask really hard/intimidating questions about things she's never thought of...

I couldn't help but laugh because my questions always feel really basic, naïve, ignorant, etc. in my head. But as I walked home after that experience I was reminded of the Priesthood Blessing I received from my Uncle Tim before I moved to the UK. Among the many things mentioned was that  I would be an asset to my classmates, that they would come to value my contributions in classes and coursework and hold me in high esteem as a good example among them. This particular aspect of the blessing has not been one I've thought of much until today, but I'm grateful that the Spirit brought it to my remembrance. 

I had such a joyful, peaceful feeling of absolute contentment all the way home. What a wonderful blessing to know that I'm doing what the Lord would have me do, where He would have me do it. There is nothing like feeling absolutely confident in my abilities because I know that God is confident in my abilities!


  1. I LOVE all of your updates. It makes me feel closer to you even though you are half a world away. Also, they make me miss school. I would love to be right next to you in your classes, they sound super interesting!