18 November 2013

Break time

After feverishly working on my two papers the past few weeks, I decided to take a weekend off of school work. Here's what I did instead:

Housemate bonding.

On Friday night we decorated for Christmas. Our house is so cold that the mirrors are all fogged over and you can see your breath. So after a few hours of decorating, we needed to unthaw our hands and toes. So we made hot chocolate and watched The Sound of Music in my bed, underneath my electric blanket. Almost 50 years later and it's still such a delightful movie!

Saturday we went to the Birmingham German Christmas Market for a bit before I had to go meet my friend Erin. We went to see the opera, Tosca, at the Birmingham Hippodrome. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I loved it!

Well, when I got home from the opera, the house was dark so I thought my housemates had decided to go to a YSA get-together across town... well then I walked in my room, turned on my lights, and found this:

Snuggling in my bed watching Downton Abbey. 

Yep. It was a great weekend! :)

And now it's time to get back to work!

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