09 November 2013

My Holistic Education

As a brief reprieve from my studies I decided to watch an episode of Doctor Who, which just happened to have this gem of a conversation that fits perfectly with the paper I'm writing. Unfortunately, I don't think my professors would find it nearly as amusing as I do, so I decided to include it here rather than in my paper. haha

The Doctor: Call me old fashioned, but if you really wanted peace couldn't you just stop fighting?
Lieutenent Cobb: Only when we have the Source. It will give us the power to erase every stinking Hath off the face of this planet.
The Doctor: Hang on, a second ago it was peace in our time and now you're talking about genocide!
Lieutenent Cobb: For us, that means the same thing!
The Doctor: Then you need to get yourself a better dictionary. When you do, look up genocide. You'll see a little picture of me there and the caption'll read 'over my dead body!'

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