28 June 2014


This morning I was listening to Elder Richard G. Scott's talk from April 2014 General Conference, 'I Have Given You an Example.' I was really touched by some things that he said, but none more than his comments on trust.
"Remember, loving them is the powerful foundation for influencing those you want to help.... As a companion to that love, trust them. In some cases it may seem difficult to trust, but find some way to trust them. The children of Father in Heaven can do amazing things when they feel trusted."
I've always felt like the one thing I do really well is loving others. But trust? Nope. I have major trust issues. It usually takes me a long time to take down enough of my walls to truly trust someone. Even with people I love. That's probably one of the reasons why I'm so stubbornly independent and find it so hard to ask for and receive help from others. It's also probably why I'm so good at helping others with their dating lives but completely rubbish at my own. But that's a dark rabbit hole for another time.

The point is: I really need to figure out a way to increase my ability to trust people. Obviously by practicing. But how do you actively trust someone? I need to study this out and think about it some more before I can come up with some specific answers for myself. And no doubt I will be adding this to my list of 'Sabbatical Year' goals. But perhaps some of you might have ideas based on your own experiences. I'd love to hear them if you do!

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