06 June 2014

To my favorite couple

Everything I know I first learned from my older sister.

Erika has been such an incredible example to me my entire life--even when she didn't want to be. She is one of my best friends. She always tells me like it is, whether I want to hear it or not... and she normally does so in her loud, boisterous way that only she can. She is diligent, creative, and sensitive. She is strong-willed, and yet still eager to forgive when she's been wronged.

Her husband, John, is her other half. They've been 'Erika & John' for half my life, and I really can't imagine anyone better for my sister and for our family. He is the older brother I always wanted and often needed. He is patient and kind, always going out of his way to serve others. And he makes the most amazing Mexican food a girl could want.

Many things I want in my future marriage I first saw embodied in theirs. When the rest of our family was falling apart, they were steady and strong, and they helped hold us together. And now that most of us live thousands of miles apart, they are still the ones who help hold us all together. Even through their own heartbreaks and triumphs, they have done everything side-by-side as eternal partners. Together they work harder and better than anyone I know. They make an incredible team, and together they really can do anything!

Tomorrow they celebrate their 11th Wedding Anniversary.

So here's to Erika & John!
They look SO YOUNG here! haha

Forgive the 'Mexican Creeper' mustache... he'd just been at fish camp for 2 months. 

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