04 June 2014

Baby Steps

Who knew that learning how to walk again was going to be so exhausting!

I didn't realize that I had crutched so much over the weekend until I woke up Monday morning and couldn't move my shoulders. However, Monday was the big day I got to start putting partial weight on my leg, and I wasn't about to let a bit of soreness stop me!

I "walked" around the living room a bit, and then decided to venture upstairs to get some cards to send out. I managed to go upstairs, but coming down was a different story. So I had to resort to sliding down on my bum again. I took a break to write the cards, and then thought I'd try my leg at walking to the mailbox that's down our street. It isn't too far... maybe 70ish yards total there and back.  I had to stop a few times, mostly to give my hands and wrists a rest. But I made it! By the time I got back I felt pretty woozy and laid down so I didn't get sick. I was pretty well knackered for the rest of the day, but I was so proud of myself! My first outing BY MYSELF in nearly 2 months!!!

I made the same walk on Tuesday and stopped only a couple times, so that's progress, right?! Oddly enough my wrists and elbows are really hurting... I wouldn't think that I use them more to put partial weight on my leg than I do only using one leg, but what do I know. I can definitely feel the metal plate and screws more acutely, which is a really bizarre sensation. The only way I can think to describe it is when you have a sensitive tooth and eat something cold, and you get that weird twangy feeling into your head. It's like that, but in my leg. WEIRD.

Well, today I thought I'd try to walk the other direction down the street and see how far I could make it. But it's been pouring rain since I woke up, and no sign of it stopping. So, I guess I'll take a few turns around the church tonight at Institute. I really want to see if I can build up enough stamina to walk the 1.5miles to church before this Sunday. I know that might be a stretch, but I need some goals. Independence is so close I can almost taste it! :)

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