22 January 2014

London Bridge

After the movie I took the London Underground (aka 'the tube') from Waterloo to London Bridge where we were to have our business meeting. After wandering up and down the bridge for 30 min (and of course taking some pics in the process), unsure of where to meet my associate, I decided to just go to the venue, which I had a vague idea of where it was located. I was just hoping that she'd changed her mind and was waiting to meet me there... because otherwise I'd NEVER find her.

From London Bridge looking northwest
From London Bridge looking East toward Tower Bridge

Turns out she'd been waiting for me there the whole time, but she had sent me the clarification email when I was already on the train to London, and I don't have internet on my phone. Oh well. No harm done.

Turns out it was a really good thing for me to see the venue, because it was quite different than how I'd imagined it. She had described it to me as a vintage theater... so I'd pictured something a bit more classy vintage. Instead it's more of a grungy artist vintage bar with a room in the back with a screen. haha It will work out great for our event, and we can really make the space our own since they are so laid back, but definitely a good thing for me to correct my expectations NOW.

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