01 January 2014

A traditional British Christmas Dinner... American style

My roommates wanted to celebrate Christmas together before they left, so we decided to have a traditional British Christmas dinner. The only problem was that they were both out of town all weekend, so I was the nominated chef. Of course I made it all up like I normally do when I cook... 

...except for these bad boys. I had never even seen one let alone tasted one before I made them. But I'm pretty sure I nailed it. Perfect Yorkshire Puddings, first try.

It really was as delicious as it looks, if I do say so myself.
After dinner we watched a Christmas show and just spent some quality time together. It really was a great Poole House Christmas celebration.

But now my housemates have both been gone for 3 weeks and I'm ready to have them back. But I'll probably be alone for another 2 weeks. Let's hope I can be productive since I have no excuses not to!

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