24 September 2013

Scarborough and Cayton Bay, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

I had the chance to go to Yorkshire this past weekend for a YSA (Young Single Adult) Convention, hosted by the York Stake at the LDS chapel in Scarborough. It was a lovely experience meeting some incredible people, attending workshops, going to the beach, being the recipient of so much kindness and generosity (especially from the family we stayed with--The Tomlinsons--and feeling the Spirit in order to receive the necessary personal revelation which I'd been seeking. I'm so grateful to their family for letting us take over their house and their lives for a few days! 

Now I know that the real reason anyone is looking at my blog is in hopes of seeing some photos to satisfy your curiosity and fuel the fire of jealousy... So here are several that help to summarize my 2.5 days in Yorkshire. ;)

View of Scarborough Castle from Cayton Bay (zoomed in, of course) 

 The landscape was absolutely breathtaking while the sun was shining!

These rocks reminded me of the Muppets, or the birthplace of the Grinch.

 A few springs further inland created these shallow streams flowing down the beach towards the ocean.

Around the corner from the Tomlinsons' home there was this little neighborhood park alongside the River Derwent. I wish I'd had a few hours to just go sit and read my scriptures and write in my journal. Sometimes nature has a way of creating its own temple-like atmosphere for us, and this place was one of those undefined sacred spaces calling out to me.

 A perfect little English garden that made me want to come back to Harborne and spend all my time and money turning our backyard into my own version of the perfect English garden. It's been a long time since I've had a garden to tend. But alas, I'm poor in both time and money as a graduate student, so that daydream will have to wait a few more years to resurface.

 On Sunday after lunch, Sister Tomlinson offered to drive me around the ruins of Scarborough Castle and the bay so I could see a bit more before we headed home. I so wish I would've had an opportunity to explore the area a bit, but I guess that just means I'll have to go back!

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