26 September 2013

All by myself

I ventured into the city ALL BY MYSELF today!

I had a meeting with Rosie from Women's Interfaith Network. She's in charge of the art exhibition I'll be helping with in March, so she came all the way up to Birmingham to meet with me and discuss how WIN and WVN might best partner and collaborate. After a lengthy discussion, we decided that we wanted to have a day-long film festival in conjunction with the exhibition...

So it looks like one more awesome opportunity was just born! If the BBC filming "Doctors" in our house wasn't convincing enough, maybe me co-hosting a Film Festival in London will finally prove that I have a remarkably random and slightly ridiculous life! And I LOVE IT!

After my meeting I successfully ran a few errands and explored a bit more. I was completely competent in all my ventures today, until I arrived at the Birmingham New Street train station and had to figure out which train to take. For us Americans who are entirely illiterate when it comes to public transportation, seeing a screen with about 20 trains listed for 12 different platforms, and all of them being for destinations much further away than my two-stop journey, I was utterly lost. This was the only part I hadn't done with the group on Tuesday, because we had gone to a different (and MUCH smaller) station. So I did the sensible thing and asked someone for help, and gratefully he DID help me. PHEW. And now I know, so hopefully next time it won't be so overwhelming. Even so, this little experience didn't diminish the immense satisfaction I felt in finding my way around the city center all by myself!

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