11 September 2013

Contact Info

Here's my UK address for the next year! Also, since international calls are super expensive, I have created Skype and Facetime accounts for anyone interested. I'd love to stay in contact with as many as possible! But I also know that life is busy for everyone. I'll try to update my blog as often as possible, so even if you're just mildly curious enough to stalk me but not contact me, I'll try to oblige. :) Of course it's always much more enjoyable to have a 2-way relationship, no? So stay in touch! PLEASE!

Dana Blackburn
130 Poole Crescent
Harborne Birmingham
B17 0PD
United Kingdom

Facetime: danaroo4@gmail.com
Skype: dana.blackburn4

1 comment:

  1. HEY GIRL!

    I LOVE YOU! I hope you have received a nice warm British welcome by that! I will have to inform my peeps there that you have arrived. Maybe they can give you a northern hook up! (not a hook up buddy you dawg!) =D But if you are gonna meet someone I could see you marrying a Brit! =D