19 May 2015

London Churches

While doing my dissertation research, I had to go to London a couple times. In between interviews and presentations, I visited several churches. And I loved every minute!

Coptic Church in Kensington
St. Sarkis Armenian Apostolic Church, Kensington

Genocide Memorial at St. Sarkis
Guild Church of St. Mary Aldermary
The original was destroyed in the Great Fire, but it was rebuilt in 1679-82.
I had some ancestors who attended this church, so I was sad to see it had been turned into a cafe.
But at least the building still exists!
St Mary-le-Bow
The term 'Cockney' referred to anyone who grew up within the sound of its bells.
It is just across from St. Mary Aldermary, but most of my ancestors in London attended here. 

St. Paul's Cathedral
Absolutely STUNNING inside! I was able to go in for the last 15 min of the Cathedral Choir's Evensong service. One of the songs they sang was The Lord's Prayer, and it took my breath away. It was a really beautiful moment and a much needed tender mercy for me. Hopefully next time I'm in London I'll be able to go for an entire service.

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