19 May 2015

Dissertation COMPLETED.

For the last four months, I have dedicated a substantial amount of time researching and writing my dissertation. And a week and a half ago I FINALLY submitted it! That means my Master's Degree course is officially complete and I will graduate in July (*assuming I pass, of course...).

My research has been an incredible journey, and it took me down the most unexpected paths. I'm so very grateful for all the wonderful people I met along the way, and for my constant cheer squad that wouldn't let me quit.

So, what did I write about, you ask? The Armenian Genocide.

*expectant blank stare*...

More specifically, I wrote about the longterm legacy of the genocide and its commemoration on descendants of survivors one hundred years later...

*sound of crickets* ...

Let me guess. I lost you at 'Armenian Genocide', right? You've never heard of the Armenian Genocide, have you? Well there are a few reasons why that is, and most of them are political... and I'm not going to bore you with them here. Maybe when I have more time I'll actually write a post with some sections from my dissertation and how it ties in to the lives of non-Armenians, and what I've learned about myself in the process. But this is not that post. Until then, look up the Armenian Genocide and read a bit about it. And if any of you are interested in reading my dissertation, comment or email me and I'll send you a copy. :)

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