19 May 2015


On Saturday my friend Spencer and I went on an adventure to Lincoln, which is about 3 hours northeast of Birmingham. I have been wanting to go to Lincoln since before I moved here, because I have lots of family history from that area. Everyone I've spoken with here has never been to Lincoln, And now having been, I can't understand why ever not! So I've included some pics to prove just how lovely a place it really is.

We only had a few hours to explore and most of my FH sites  are difficult to get to without a car, so we just stayed in town. And I'm gad we did. We had a blast exploring the Castle Grounds, Cathedral (3rd largest in England), archaeology museum and LOTS of antique shops.

We took it slow because of my leg, but it was almost better that way. We just enjoyed being there and soaking up the sunshine and seeing some ridiculous and gorgeous things along the way. It was a delightful day, even with some transportation mishaps. And I can't wait to do it again!

An old church turned coffee shop next to the train station
 East entrance to the Castle Grounds
This building now serves as the Lincolnshire courthouse
No filter. Seriously.

Lincoln Cathedral

No idea what this little building was for, but it is
just chilling on the grounds next to the Cathedral.
Really wish we could've checked out that Balcony!

Such a gorgeous Cathedral. And a beautiful day. The combination was perfect. 

On our way back through town we stopped at the WWI & II Memorial. I had started to walk away, but Spencer felt prompted to go look at the names and he found both of our last names on there. What are the odds?! Every single time I've been on a FH trip like this, I've had something cool like this happen, so I shouldn't be surprised. BUT STILL. HOW FUN!
Brayford Pool, one of the endpoints of a major waterway through the city. And a breathtaking view.

And it wouldn't be a real getaway if we didn't run into the LDS missionaries... we found them walking along here.
Before catching the train back to Brum we ate a delicious dinner at this Wagamamas, with a great view of Brayford Pool. It was the perfect way to end such an incredible day.  

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