02 September 2009

Two countries down, one to go!

So have a whirlwind of a week with family and friends, repacking about 8 times, and an orientation that would urge even Logan into submission, I finally got on the plane. My checked bag was 50.00lbs on the money, and my backpack is so stuffed that it didn't even fit under the seat on my flight to Vienna. And lucky for you all, the Vienna airport has FREE wireless. So my mom gets an update about 36hrs before I told her she would. Love you mom! :)

I hate international flights purely because of the length. But I love them because of the really good food, and the excellent service. Of course it only adds to my pleasure that the flight attendants ask you everything in English AND German! I've already met a lot of people, but only one of my roommates so far. Everyone pronounces my name Danna upon introduction. Maybe Connie is right... maybe I should spell my name Dayna. Maybe THEN people from Utah would get it right. ;) haha Love you Connie!

Considering there are 60 of us traveling over through Vienna on to Tel Aviv, there has not been a single incident. We are so grateful that we've been able to travel safely. Now we just have to make it through security in Tel Aviv without a problem--the most secure airport and customs in the world. Wish us luck!

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  1. Your going to the Jerusalem Center (well i guess you are already there) .. I am so jealous. A lot of my friends from Hawaii are going to be there. Marni Vail was my roommate for 2 years in Hawaii! Have a blast! I am so jealous! :)