14 September 2009


Ok so I know I have totally been slacking on this. But in all honesty, I will blame some of it on the internet connection here... and the incredible amounts of homework I have to stay on top of, since we have class every day. Unfortunately, I still have about 30 pages to read tonight, and it is already after 9pm. SO I will have to write a real post later. BUT here are some things to look forward to reading about...

The Western Wall, The Recent Shooting, The Garden Tomb, Our Second Free Day Extravaganza (that included the Garden of Gethsemane), and our Shephelah Field Trip we took today. So I have lots to write about... but I promise I will catch you all up soon! I love you all! And thank you so much for those of you who are still keeping in touch with me! It makes my day to get emails! Loves loves loves!!!

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  1. Why have you not posted about The Recent Shooting? What is that all about? I think you've posted about everything else you mentioned. . .

    Jeffrey misses you and wants you to come and visit when you are done traveling on that side of the world ;-)