25 September 2009

Kibbutz life in my future?

On our journey down to Egypt, we visited and stayed at a couple of kibbutzim. A Kibbutz is small settlement where everyone lives communally. Some of them are religious, some are agricultural, some are very tourist based… and some are a little bit of all three. We took a tour of the biggest kibbutz in southern Israel—Yotveta, which is mostly agricultural with some tourist interaction due to the rest stop they built. We ate dinner here too… our last meal eating things of color and drinking water for a week. What a long week that was!! We also stopped here on our way back from Egypt to eat dinner again. Because of the dairy here, they are famous for their chocolate milk. It really is VERY good chocolate milk ,Eryn… even better than BYU Creamery’s chocolate milk. Haha However, I personally think they should be famous for their ice cream. AAAHHHHH SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD. But then again, you all know of my personal and familial obsession with ice cream. Haha
After learning all about living on a kibbutz… and finding out that this one takes volunteers… I think if I ever come to an empty crossroads of my life, I might just volunteer at Yotveta for 6 months, a year, two years… whatever works. I mean why not continue living the ridiculous and crazy life, right? I could work with their horses there… or pick dates… or help in the dairy. I don’t really know. But I’m going to keep it logged away as an option for a rainy day. Haha

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