26 September 2009

Aimless Wanderings

So it might be a little hard to describe what I saw and came to understand without showing you my pictures, but hopefully I will still be able to make my point. On the way from Jerusalem to Egypt and back through the Sinai, we made several stops at places where the Children of Israel stopped: The Wilderness of Zin/Sin, the Sinai desert, Mara, Elim, Rephidim, and Mount Sinai. I’ve always been a little bit frustrated reading the stories of the Children of Israel, because they complained SO much. God parted the Red Sea for them to escape pharaoh, and two days later they were wishing they’d never left Egypt… I just never understood how they could be so ungrateful. But as I was visiting these places I realized that this is the very reason why they were caused to wander aimlessly around the Sinai for 40 years. They held themselves back and remained unprepared and unwilling to receive what the Lord had for them—ie. The Abrahamic Covenant and the Promised Land. And then I unfortunately realized that maybe I’m just like them in some ways. How many times have I been unwilling to let go of something that I thought was good, because I didn’t understand that what God had to offer me was even better? The Lord helps us progress by giving us things one step at a time. Some of these steps are harder than others, but at the top of the staircase, what is waiting for me? I don’t really know, but if it is from God then I know it is worth it. I never want to be kept wandering because I am unprepared for what the Lord has to give me next.

NOW, Here are my pictures :)

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