20 October 2013

What's in a name?

I don't know, but there must be something in MY name, because no one can say it right.

I always thought my name was so simple and straight forward... just like me. But on the mission, a lot of people had trouble with my last name, so they nicknamed me Hermana Quemadita, "The Little Burnt Sister." Ok I guess the "ur" sound is a little tricky for Latinos. No big deal.

But here in England, where people speak English, few people say my name right. They all call me Dawna, because they normally say "a" as in "-aw" not "a" as in "-ay." One of the Elders, who is Scottish, told me that they normally spell my name here as Daena or Daina. In Utah, everyone tries to spell it Dayna. So perhaps I have a vowel missing from my name that prevents people from saying it correctly?

Then when I interact with the ESL students at Uni... well they've never heard of my name, so they all call me Diana, no matter how many times I tell them. haha

It just leaves me to wonder how such a short and simple name has created so much difficulty for people from all around the world... Suffice it to say, I go by many names these days.

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