13 January 2013

Did you know that Nutella is gluten-free?

So eating gluten-free isn't as hard as I thought it would be. In fact, I've thoroughly enjoyed experimenting so much with my food. I've tried much harder to have a balanced diet, focusing on all of the delicious foods I CAN eat, and that has been very rewarding. I've made different versions of polenta, quinoa, rice pudding, fried eggplant, sweet potato fries, mashed potatoes, a soup that I've affectionately dubbed "Spanglish soup," gluten-free bread, and gluten-free pancakes to name a few. I'm eating way more vegetables and learning how to make them taste good to me. But don't worry. I still allow myself to satisfy my sweet tooth. Did you know that Nutella is gluten-free? I didn't, but I'll forever be grateful it is! And so are peanut M&Ms... which is bad. Nutella at least offers a tiny bit of nutritional value. Rice pudding made with brown rice and vanilla almond milk with apples or blueberries? A little piece of heaven. And popcorn, trail mix, and pistachios have become wonderful snacks to get my munch on. So all in all, I have to say I've so far been pretty successful eating gluten-free. I've only slipped up twice. Last Sunday and today. On the Sacrament. For some reason my gluten-free brain still hasn't processed the fact that I need to take a morsel of GF bread or crackers or something with me for the Sacrament. And since it has slipped my mind both weeks, I've eaten a piece of the bread that is passed to everyone. But I don't consider the Sacrament cheating. I'm renewing covenants and cleansing my soul, so it's all for a good eternal purpose. 

I wish I could say that going gluten-free has changed my life and I'm seeing SO much progress! But if truth be told, I can't. That has been the only discouraging part. I knew that gluten was not inflicting all of my pain, but I had hoped that after two weeks I would be able to see some difference. I'm going to stick with it, to see if the difference comes with more time. And if for nothing else because it's giving me something to do, some project to really focus my energy on. That has been a very welcome distraction! I'm starting to relate to Julie from the movie Julie & Julia. Everyday I wake up and I think/plan about what new things I'm going to make and eat that day. I have to alternate what types of food I eat so my body doesn't build up an intolerance to anything else, like corn, rice, or potatoes. My entire day has come to resolve around what I'm going to cook or eat from the leftovers, always rotating my meal base. It's like a really yummy game where I always win the prize of eating delicious food that is hopefully better for me!

I have started dreaming about food. Not even kidding. Actually, the last one I had a few days ago was me being trapped in a food court and grocery store that didn't sell anything gluten-free. I had a complete meltdown. In my dream. I woke up wondering if my subconscious is feeling deprived of gluten somehow, because I actually have not had even the slightest inkling of a meltdown. Yet. haha Hopefully my current excitement about food will continue, at least to some degree, even when I return to St. George in a few weeks. THAT will be the real test, because I'm going to have to make meals that Tanner will not only eat but enjoy.

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