05 January 2013

Alum Ally

I'm going to divulge a small miraculous secret that will change your life. Well, it will change your life whenever you get a canker sore in your mouth. POWDERED ALUM. Yep, that spice used for pickling that no one ever seems to have in their pantry (because who pickles enough to buy alum these days?) Well, I don't. Pickle things, that is. But I DO use powdered alum whenever I get a bad canker sore. Mix a pinch of it with a couple drops of water to make a gritty pasty alum mixture and with your finger put it on your canker sores. It stings a bit, and it will definitely make you pucker (it isn't used for pickling for no reason...). But IT WORKS!!! You're basically pickling your canker sore into oblivion. Earlier in the week I was suffering from two massive canker sores, one on each corner of my mouth. It made it extremely difficult and painful to eat anything. So after all of my family members each replied that none of them had alum in their pantry of spices, I went and bought my own. It only took ONE APPLICATION of my pickle paste to clear up my canker sores. I'm NOT exaggerating. Within an hour I couldn't feel them at all! Miracle. So stop spending your money on all those silly pain relievers that numb your entire mouth but don't take away the canker sores. Spend the $3 on a tiny jar of powdered alum and use it for the next 10+ years. You won't regret it.

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  1. Wow, who knew?!? I am getting caught up on your blog and love your posts! Keep them coming!