22 December 2012


The plight of a missionary who returns to a place where they know no one, and who somehow is still unemployed after 7 months, is actually a rather peculiar one. My best friend tells me I'm living the life of a retiree, which I have found is not entirely inapt. I spend my days working on family history and temple work, applying for jobs while watching reruns of Reba and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, playing the piano, reading books, cooking, and on especially lucky days, volunteering in my sister's classroom. I feel a bit like Rapunzel in Tangled... always doing the same things over and over and over again. (On more than one occasion, Bob's house has felt a bit like an isolated tower where I'm literally trapped.) But for the most part, I'm completely content. That being said, though, I really DON'T get out much. And I have A LOT to say, but no one to listen. So for the primary purpose of preserving my sanity, I've decided to reincarnate my blog after a 2-yr absence.

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