22 December 2012

Are stray dogs parasites?

In ten days my mother and stepfather leave on their mission, and then my 20-year-old little brother will become what we've affectionately dubbed my "sugar brother." AKA he's the one working and paying all the bills, while I live off of the remaining food storage and scraps of food that he'll supply for me. Put like that I sound a bit like a stray dog. However I refuse to become a permanent parasite on my family at the age of 25. Especially on the youngest member of my family! But I have a temporary solution... I'm going to watch my aunt's dog and house for a month. In Provo. That gives me at least 31 more days to find some sort of employment that pays in US Dollars, with the added bonus of removing any sense of obligation he might feel. At least for those 31 days.

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