17 June 2009

Blackburn Family Reunion

Well, we had our Blackburn Family Reunion last weekend, and it went great! We had a good turnout from Ken & Shirley's Family and Tom & Diane's Family. We also had some of Kay & Shirley's family represented, as well as some from my (Shawn & Vickie) family. We all had such a great time! We played some games, had lots of food, and just really enjoyed visiting with everyone. It was definitely a lot of work, but so very worth it! I've never even been to a family reunion before, let alone be in charge of putting it all together! But luckily I think my first try was as successful as it could've been! I definitely enjoyed getting everything ready, though. I made up some Family History Games... totally nerdy I know! But I Loved it! I made everyone break into teams and arrange a 4 Generation pedigree chart starting with my grandpa Blackburn. SO FUN! Everyone actually did surprisingly well... though I think there was some cheating involved. haha I also made a game "How Blackburn Are you?" which was hilarious to watch people take. Out of 110 possible points, my mom ended up being the winner with 87 points, which was so funny! Of course, we didn't take the quiz, along with the majority of the Blackburn clan. So, I'm sending copies of it out to other family members so they can join in the fun, too. All in all, everything was very successful!

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