20 June 2009

Best Bestie Ever

So, Eryn and I jokingly tell each other that we're the "best besties ever." We overheard some girls in the mall one day say that and we about died. So in honor of them, that is our nickname for each other. However, today Eryn went above and beyond the call of duty. When we talked on Wednesday, I still had not heard anything about this job in Cedar City, and I was getting very nervous and frustrated that it wasn't a good sign... And she cheered me up like always. She decided that the man with whom I'd been in contact over the last several months had the perfect name to make use of. His last name is Yoder, and we decided that we were now going to describe situations like this as being "Yodered."

Last night, I finally got a call and it turns out they "found room" for me. I have a job!!! I start Monday! YAY!!! I will be digging near Cedar CIty for the rest of the summer... 9 hours a day/ 6 days a week... which means about 14 hours overtime every week. YAY!!!! I'm SO relieved!!

Well, I've been running around trying to get everything ready today. And I came home to this Facebook Wall Post by my best bestie ever.

Eryn Sinclair: "So I just read a nonfiction book on the making of the Oxford English Dictionary, and I need to redeem my utter nerdiness. So- I am going to write you a definition:

Yoder- (yO-dur) English, 2009, inv. Dana and Eryn, origin: Yoder- last name of offending individual

Derogatory term; An individual with a relationship of authority or significance to oneself, who knowingly, or unknowingly, misleads one to believe that one’s actions will lead to certain outcomes. Said outcome is usually one of substantial import (i.e. graduation, employment, marriage, etc.), then, always at a pivotal moment, the desired outcome does not materialize, leaving one confused, angry, frustrated, and sad. A yoder can redeem him/herself ONLY by restoring the situation to fulfillment of the understood outcome.

n: yoder; v: yoder; yoder-ed; yoder-ing

The man who did give me a job is such a yoder.
You totally got yodered when he left you at the alter.

**i.e. person who totally screws you over.


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  1. Awwwwwwwwww I've been QUOTED! haha I've been blogstalking you, and I must say I'm very impressed! How you got the fun backgrounds and music and pictures and how diligent you are on updating your life...you go best bestie ;) love you!